I just watched the fifth season premiere of Supernatural on the DVR.  I may have been looking forward to its return more than the premieres of any other returning series on broadcast and it didn’t disappoint me.

I just read Mo Ryan’s thoughts on the show, which included an interview with Jim Beaver (who plays Bobby).

I’m going to lift a couple of paragraph’s from Mo’s write-up.  First this (and there are spoilers!):

The scenes with Becky the superfan just about killed me. I was a little bummed, to be honest, that isn’t a real site, but everything else about Becky was comedy gold — her constant pawing of Sam, her disappointment in Dean (“Not what I pictured”), her Sam-Dean slash fic, her reaction when “Carver Edlund” told her that everything in the Supernatural book series was real (“I knew it!”). And of course there was her spot-on meta-comment about the angels (“Nice change-up to the mythology, the demon stuff was getting kind of old”). When “Supernatural” goes meta, it’s invariably a lot of fun.

I agree completely. It was an episode that had a lot of “heavy”, but also a lot of “light” and it balanced out nicely for me.  And I too love it when SN makes fun of itself.  I love the Ghostfacers!

And buck up Mo, might not be real, but Google “Wincest” and I’m sure you can find plenty to keep you busy.

My second favorite paragraph from Mo’s blog post were her closing comments of:

Let’s all play nice in the comment area. Be cordial to everyone else, even if you don’t agree with them. And if I see the same comments and ax-grinding over and over, I’ll either not post those comments or just shut comments down all together. I do like to hear your feedback, truly, I do. But this is not the place to talk about how “Supernatural’s” writers ruined the show/ruined your favorite character/kicked your dog/destroyed Western civilization.

This is a sentiment I understand and even embraced.   I’m worn down now.  But how about this?  Let’s make this a “CW-BASHING-FREE-ZONE”.

CW bashing happens all over the place in the comments, but we’re getting a FIFTH season of Supernatural.  That’s nothing to bash them about, indeed it’s something GOOD to say about the CW!  Even if Supernatural’s writer’s did ruin the show/your favorite character/kicked your dog/destroyed Western civilization.

If you’re a Supernatural fan you’ll want to read the full post from Mo!

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