I just watched the season one finale of Spartacus Blood and Sand and…wow.   Was it over the top?  You betcha.  Was there way too much focus on fake blood spilling and spatter?   Sure.  But, it was still a lot of fun.

A couple of spoilers below.   But the main thing I wanted to post here for those who e-mailed asking and for anyone else wondering if it was the series finale ..fear not!  It was only the season one finale.

Spartacus Blood and Sand was renewed for a second season by Starz before the first season even began airing.  Unfortunately,  Andy Whitfield, who plays the title role was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma during production of the second season and production was halted while he seeks treatment.  The good news is the prognosis is good, but at this time there is no word on when production will finish or when the second season will air.

Ok, spoiler time.  I understand why I got the e-mails asking if tonight’s season one finale was the series finale.  They obviously weren’t looking to enrage fans with a cliffhanger should there have only been the one season.  Many loose ends were tied up, or at least stabbed (in some cases, to death).

Was I shocked that they killed off  Batiatus?  By Jupiter’s c–k, I was!  A bit sad, too, because John Hannah was awesome as the conniving power hungry ludus master.   While there is no question his character is dead, there are questions about whether Lucy Lawless’ character Lucretia survived having her womb skewered.  I think she’s dead, but I have not looked into any spoilery stuff about who is in the season two cast.

I was not sad that the snake that is Ilithyia got revenge on the House of Batiatus and I hope the character and Viva Bianca who plays her are back for season two in some capacity.

There is also no doubt that the weasel Ashur lived, even if he had to hide under a dead body to be spared of being beheaded by Doctore.

Very satisfying that in the end, Varro’s wife avenged his death nicely.  Had the episode been a series finale,  I would not have been disappointed with the ending.

As soon as there is any news regarding season two, we’ll post it.

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