In her review of the premiere of ABC’s V, Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan made references to similar genre shows that had debuted this fall, including Stargate Universe.  Her comments weren’t exactly flattering which led SGU executive producer Brad Wright to leave a comment on her blog, where among other things he said:

[…] fortunately there are enough viewers and reviewers who think SGU is neither boring, poorly plotted, or sexist to keep us on the air long after “V” is just a letter in the alphabet again.”

Talk about putting the V in ratings enVy!  Wright might be right that V will go back to just being a letter in the alphabet, but to make that comment after the stellar ratings V pulled in its premiere still is a bit surprising to me.  Mo felt compelled to respond to Brad’s comment.

Mo notes that many people who were eagerly anticipating SGU have given up on it.  For now, that describes me perfectly.  I’ve given up as well, but if I hear it’s turned a corner, I will definitely check it out again.   I watched every episode of SG1 and SGA ever made and I wanted to like SGU, but didn’t.  For me, it’s like they’ve used none of what I loved about Stargate: SG1 and used many of the things I didn’t love about the later seasons of Battlestar Galactica.

People who have been following Stargate Universe closely will want to read Mo’s article.  There’s just too much in the article you’ll want to read to post it all here. So go read it.  But Mo struck a chord with this nugget:

If there’s anything I have a problem with, it’s an idea promulgated by some of the show’s defenders — that people who don’t like “Stargate Universe” just don’t get it. I am stunned some of the condescending attitudes I’ve seen. It’s frankly laughable to me, this idea that people who have issues with “SGU” just aren’t smart enough to appreciate qualities such as complexity and ambiguity.

I and many other viewers get what the show is going for. We’re not failing to understand its intentions. We think “SGU” is, in many key respects, falling short of its own goals.

Amen! I added the emphasis above because we see that theme play out so much on our site that “people just aren’t smart enough to understand” made  the “Fan Excuse Bingo Cards

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