Summer Glau is back.  Or will be if the pilot she’s been signed to, NBC’s superhero drama,”The Cape” is picked-up to series.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glau will play “Orwell, a cute and intrepid investigative blogger who fearlessly goes after corrupt cops and costumed bad guys.

We don’t normally talk about pilot season, but I’ll make an exception for Glau, especially given our past experience with her on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and to a much lesser degree, “Dollhouse.”  And of course there is “Firefly,”  but that was before we were around.

On the plus side, I’m definitely rooting for her pilot to be picked-up.  On the down side, if it is, I can already envision the thousands of comments that are themed, “Why?  Why?  Why did it have to be on NBC?”

Ideally NBC will pick it up, launch it on Mondays (paired with “Chuck,” naturally) before ultimately moving it to Fridays.



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