The viewers have spoken in our First (Annual?) Don’t Save Their Show! poll and the show they’d most like to see canceled is the CW’s Melrose Place. Our Renew / Cancel Index gives Melrose Place no chance at renewal, so they’ll probably get their wish!

Following Melrose Place was a trio of NBC shows, the way past its ratings prime Heroes (which the R / C Index gives some chance at renewal) and the ratings sinkholes Mercy and Trauma which have no chance at renewal.

At the other end of the spectrum, the fewest number of voters want to see Fox’s Lie To Me canceled, followed by NBC’s Chuck. Our Renew / Cancel Index judges both shows to be “on the bubble” with some chance to go either way at renewal / cancellation time (less than two weeks away!).

Of course, like all the “Save Our Show” internet polls, this one is will have absolutely no effect on any decisions. Like the others, it’s designed just to boost our site’s traffic and have a little fun.

Broadcast networks will give as much weight to these votes as they do to the ones in those other polls: None!

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