Miami Medical premieres this Friday at 10p, and it’s hardly a shock that the first review I’ve seen isn’t very good.  The Hollywood Reporter’s review skewered the show, pronouncing Miami Medical dead on arrival.

Bottom Line: This far-fetched medical series is all but dead on arrival.

The latest collaboration of one of Hollywood’s pre-eminent power couples, CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer, is “Miami Medical,” a well-produced graphic but otherwise terminally mediocre drama.

Quite possibly, CBS is signaling a similar assessment of this flashy-but-shallow series by scheduling it Friday night. That’s where most shows go to fade, not to flower.

If I am a Numb3rs fan (and I am) or a Medium fan who prefers to worry “just because” I don’t know that I’d be particularly heartened by this.  Reviews don’t translate well to actual ratings and it’s possible the show will do as well as any other Friday night show despite the reviews.

Though Friday isn’t necessarily a death sentence, it’s tough to argue with the logic that CBS isn’t very bullish on the show or it wouldn’t have debuted it on a Friday.  It’s not like CBS is completely lacking in options.  It could have, for instance, debuted Miami Medical on Sunday and moved Cold Case (another Bruckheimer production), now in its seventh year to Fridays.

Giving Miami Medical the benefit of the big Undercover Boss lead-in at least once — even if it then immediately shipped it off to Fridays — would have indicated CBS wanted to be proactive in building Miami Medical’s audience.

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