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Dave Walker who writes about TV for the The New Orleans Times-Picayune went up to Clinton, La. a couple of weeks ago for a location shoot of True Blood.  Lucky!  Mr. Walker interviewed Stephen Moyer who plays True Blood’s  male lead, Bill Compton and they talked about the show’s success.

The conversation turns to the diversity of the audience at one point:

“The other thing that I absolutely did not expect is the demographic (diversity of the audience),” Moyer said. “I think I thought it would be a youngish show. I didn’t think it was going to be a teen show, but I thought it would be 21 or 22 to 35. I thought that would be our obvious demographic.

“I go out in the street and I get spotted by septuagenarian men, and they come up and tell me stories about the whole family coming to their house on a Sunday. Literally, three generations of men and their wives and their children and their extended family, and I think that’s what the show has done.”

To back up his anecdotal observations, Moyer sited a June 16 report on the TV-ratings-mining website that noted that “True Blood’s” premiere averaged more viewers-per-household (1.51) than every other show on cable that week – aside from the pro wrestling on “WWE Raw” (1.55).

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How. Cool. Is.  THAT?  Citing our stats!

I did indeed note the viewers per screen for the premiere and I most definitely wished I’d have cited that stat myself when I wrote, uh, this where I was exploring the possibilities for what might be driving the incredible, incredible DVD sales.

I have become a fan of True Blood and have caught up with all the episodes that have aired and am now even watching the show on Sunday when it airs on the east coast feed of HBO (even though the east coast feed isn’t in high definition!).  The last couple of episodes particularly have been a lot of fun.

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