Ok, so you have the two men at a press conference admitting that their experiment might have caused the disaster that took more human lives than any other disaster in history, and you can’t dispatch some po-lice to detain them?    How dumb do the writers think we are!?  Oh.  That was the first 10 minutes of FlashForward which I tried to watch online because I’m obviously not nearly as smart as my DVRs.

So here’s my question about Dollhouse.  The Dollhouse is supposed to be way, way underground, so how come Adelle’s office has windows in it that look out onto LA?

My DVR still likes Dollhouse so I watched last night’s two hours.  I’m not a rabid, rabid, Whedon-can-do-no-wrong kind of fan, and I definitely do not think Dollhouse is the best show on television.  There can be only one, and for me, that is currently Sons of Anarchy (even if it is now off the air until it returns for season 3 in September).

But over time, Dollhouse (and its rabid, radid, Whedon-can-do-no-wrong fans) have really grown on me.  I like Dollhouse OK.  I still think  the best episode was “Epitaph One,”  the season one episode that could’ve (and perhaps should’ve) served as the show’s series finale had FOX done the predictable thing and canceled the show last spring.

So “Epitaph One” never made it to the air, but we got another 13 episodes of Dollhouse (complete with an “Epitaph Two” that will air!).  There have been some decent episodes this season, but despite the return of Summer Glau I was not blown away by last night’s two hours worth of Dollhouse.

But I liked it way more than the FlashForward episode I never got around to finishing and there were two things I really enjoyed about it.  I confess, I have a crush on Joss Whedon’s brother Jed’s wife, Maurissa Tancharoen.  And as with all shows, I try to avoid spoilers wherever I can, so I had no idea Mo was making a (sadly) brief appearance as the doll “Kilo” (pictured above).  So that was fun.

But the real highlight of last night’s two hours, hands down was Enver Gjokaj — the doll “Victor” — programmed as Topher so there could be a brainiac back at the LA Dollhouse while the real Topher  (and Adelle) traipsed off to my hometown, Washington, D.C.

Enver as Victor as Topher was tremendous. He completely nailed it and it was a joy to watch.

Right after I finished typing this, I saw that Alan Sepinwall wrote his review on last night’s two hours worth of Dollhouse.  I haven’t read it yet, but judging from the headline (Two Tophers for the Price of One), he also thought highly of Enver as Topher.

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