I had seen some middling reviews, but Robert Bianco’s Escape head trauma by avoiding NBC’s ‘Trauma’‘ was worse:

Billy Lush and Anastasia Griffith star on the medical emergency show, which follows the trauma team from San Francisco City Hospital.

Things go boom.

Here’s hoping you like loud noises and big explosions, because those are about the only things this medical drama has in its puny, if flashy, little head. Just don’t get used to them; it takes money to crash helicopters and blow up trucks, and all you have to do is look at NBC’s final prime-time slot to see the network isn’t in the mood to throw cash around.

Pity viewers when the bucks are no longer supplying the bang, because all that will be left are the world’s whiniest EMTs, a mixed group whose jobs have them (pause to take in the title) traumatized. Well, who isn’t? One hour of Trauma, and you’ll be convinced that what America needs now is a show where people buck up and shut up.

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Will Trauma be another show filmed in Bill Gorman’s back yard (San Francisco) that quickly goes by the wayside?  Journeyman shot several scenes right around the corner from me a couple of years back.  And it was enough to get me to watch the show, but it still got canceled anyway.

I can’t wait to see Monday night’s numbers.

Update: speaking of San Francisco, here’s what San Francisco Chronicle critic Tim Goodman had to say:

If you don’t live in or near San Francisco, NBC’s newest drama, “Trauma,” is just a not-very-good medical series.

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