Not exactly a surprise that they think Modern Family is better, but, I found it interesting they beat it up a bit for being comedic comfort food and then ask, “What’s wrong with a little comedic comfort food?”

via Variety:


Kelsey Grammer occupies center stage in every scene of the “Hank” premiere, which at least tells you the producers (and Grammer is among them) know what their primary asset is. Essentially “Green Acres” updated with a corporate-tycoon-gets-humbling-comeuppance twist that’s less timely than it sounds, this multicamera half-hour does little more than provide reasonably pleasant company, while looking and sounding as if it could have been developed when “Cheers” begin its run.


ABC has unabashedly gone for star power in assembling its new comedy block, and probably felt it had taken its one creative gamble with the far better “Modern Family.” After that, what’s wrong with a little comedic comfort food?

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