Carol Barbee working her magic again, no doubt!  I have little doubt that this show will quickly be one of the most-watched.  Not on TV perhaps, but at least when it comes to our Renew/Cancel Index!

Via Variety:

'Three Rivers'

“Three Rivers” derives its title from the venue — a heart-transplant hospital in Pittsburgh — which is the only opaque element in this medical drama. Mostly, the show provides Alex O’Loughlin — who set hearts atwitter (albeit not enough of them) in “Moonlight” — another shot at CBS stardom, in the same way the network kept plugging away at Simon Baker until “The Mentalist” took off. The topic is inherently dramatic, and the show flits along at a pace akin to CBS’ crime procedurals. Among a waiting room of new medical dramas, this operation has the best chance of avoiding rejection.


Going up against “Desperate Housewives” poses a challenge, true, but there ought to be enough female viewers left over to provide this new series a chance to establish a following — or at least, outlast NBC’s “Mercy” and “Trauma.”

Even if “Rivers” runs dry, though, one suspects O’Loughlin will be back, since CBS brass seems determined to make this guy a TV star. With a few breaks, they might accomplish that delicate procedure on the second try.

read the full “Three Rivers” review on Variety.

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