When reassessing Human Target’s ratings against only FOX’s spring ratings, Bill was moved to change its status from “likely to be canceled” to merely being “in danger of being canceled.”

But after last night’s performance with a repeat of Lie to Me (albeit against repeats on CBS) pulling a 1.7 rating vs. Human Target’s 1.9 for an original episode in its season finale, I’m wondering if he shouldn’t move it right back to likely to be canceled.

Personally, I was a little surprised that Human Target didn’t fare better than it did. Even with all the weird scheduling at the launch.  But when it comes to renewals, I cast any personal surprise aside.  The ratings are the ratings.

Speaking of “why didn’t it fare better,” the “Masked Scheduler”  (who really is a scheduling executive at Fox) wrote a very insightful piece a couple of weeks ago  about why hit shows do as well as they do.  He suggests it’s a question a lot of  Hollywood doesn’t usually take time to ask while moving to copy hit shows as quickly as possible.

In that post, he pleads guilty to the 2nd season renewals of Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but that was in a discussion of sci fi shows launched in the wake of Lost.  If there’s any good news for  Human Target fans it’s that at least it can’t be lumped in with that group.

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