While much has been made of TNT airing the already produced episodes of Southland, Eric Deggans of the St. Peterburg times asks the question that may wind up being the biggest news of the move to TNT: will TNT bleep the profanity?

Southland famously allowed its police to speak the way officers working a city tough as Los Angeles might talk in real life, bleeping the expletives. But TNT has a looser standard; early episodes for the Ray Romano dramedy Men of a Certain Age, features a fair amount of profanity unmasked, including a salty joke about a prostitute featuring a reference to the female anatomy which can also refer to a housecat.

A Twitter message from TNT’s publicity department today — sometimes the instant nature of social media is really cool — maintained the channel hasn’t decided what to do. “We’re still working on our plans,” the tweet read. “TNT does air shows with a TV MA rating, which covers certain language for mature audiences.”

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