It could just be that I’m in a small phase of disgust at the FOX broadcasting network.

For the first time I find myself rooting against a show’s ratings – the Octomom special on Wednesday night.  I want it to bomb worse than Quarterlife or Chopping Block.    What, you never heard of those shows?  Exactly!

There’s a certain type of person… Some sports, like baseball, figured out how to handle it.  For years you’d see the occasional idiot from the stands running out onto the field. Finally after years of it, the networks figured it out: don’t put the idiots running out onto the field on television and you won’t encourage other idiots to act like idiots so they could be seen on TV.  Now when some idiot runs out on the field, they don’t get any screen time.

Octomom strikes me as even more unseemly than those idiots running out on the field.  But, unlike the idiots who run out on the field, she is potential ratings gold.  It’s still distasteful though, and I hope fewer people watch her than the series finale of Mental!

I know it makes me a hypocrite because you can’t watch any reality television if you don’t like people acting like idiots so they can be on television at least a little.

I’m here to kvetch about Hell’s Kitchen.  If it turns out the entire thing was scripted, that’s fine, in fact, I’ll feel better about it.  There’s a contestant, Robert, who is back from last season.  Robert is definitely an entertaining contestant and he’s hard not to like.  He’s also morbidly obese.  As last season was nearing its end, Robert wound up in the hospital with some kind of heart condition and had to leave the show.

They brought him back again this season, and he’s still entertaining, but every bit as morbidly obese.

So what did they do in tonight’s episode?  They made him get on some wacky bicycle built for six.  And then they made the six guys pedal to the store, which happened to be uphill.  Blah, blah, blah, 911 is dialed, Robert is back in the hospital with his fate to be decided next week.  I suppose I could sniff around on the Internet and find out what happens, but I hate spoilers.

I also hate the idea of taking a morbidly obese guy you know has a heart condition and subjecting him to strenuous exercise when he’s not in that kind of shape.  Again, if it’s completely scripted, that’s fine.  But if it wasn’t, if it’s just that they had all their i’s dotted and t’s crossed legally and they did it simply because they could…

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