Tru Blood case

I’m sure after tonight’s episode of True Blood, its bigger fans Can. Not. Wait. for next week’s episode.  I’m not the biggest True Blood fan in the world, or likely even in the top 50% of them, but tonight’s episode dished out a lot.

In between passing the time until the next episode by tracking down spoilers you can ponder whether you would pay $96 to pre order  a case of  24 bottles of Tru Blood.   If you just have to have some but don’t want to spring for the $96, four packs are available for $16.  No volume discount when you buy 24!  $4 per bottle for 14 oz of blood orange soda means you’re definitely paying a lot for the packaging.

It’s not the kind of thing I would buy even if I was among the biggest fans, but I have no doubt they will sell some.  The question is, how much?  It will likely fall into the ever increasing big pile of numbers we wish we got to see but probably never will, but I’d love to see the sales figures for Tru Blood.

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