I have the opportunity to interview Erica Cerra who plays Deputy “Jo” Lupo on Syfy’s Eureka.  I know we have some regular visitors who are Eureka fans who read our site regularly, and hopefully you’ll help me out.  I’m a Eureka fan too, but when it comes to entertainment-y interviews I wind up being kind of a one trick pony.  I’ll of course ask her if she looks at the ratings, but unfortunately no matter how she answers, it is bound to break my heart.

She’ll probably say something like, “honestly, I don’t pay any attention to any of that,” leaving me completely dispirited.  The other extreme isn’t much better.  If she says, “OMG, I obsess over the ratings and visit your site 10 times a day,” I’ll find her more irresistible than ever.  But I’m too old for unrequited love, so even that’s bound to make me melancholy for a few moments.

Here’s where you come in:  I’m sure YOU have great questions for Erica that don’t have jack squat to do with the ratings. Post them in the comments.  If enough of you do, I’ll pull the trigger on the interview and make sure to ask your questions and then post the answers.

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