The last two television seasons have each seen hit shows blown up by unusual events.

In 2009-10, The Tonight Show which had the season before regularly beaten its late night competition by 40-50% among adults 18-49 was turned over to Conan O’Brien. By February 2010, an NBC affiliate revolt over the 10pm Jay Leno Show caused a power struggle that saw Jay returned to the 11:30 Tonight Show, and Conan off to TBS. Problem was, in that year, for whatever reason (our commenters debate it daily), The Tonight Show lost its ratings advantage and now plays a running nip and tuck battle with its late night competition.

In 2010-11, after being CBS’ 3rd highest rated show the previous season, Two And A Half Men was rocked by Charlie Sheen shenanigans which caused him to be fired from the show, production suspended and the show’s season order to be cut short. Without new TAAHM’s to run in the late spring, CBS’s Monday line up ratings weakened noticeably.

It it crazy to think it will happen again next season? (Of course, a bit, but what else do we have to discuss  on a summer Sunday?)

What hit show do you think might be blown up this year? And why?

No guess is too crazy. Probably.

My guess: Jersey Shore. Reason: multiple criminal offenses rendering the cast “unavailable” for next season!

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