The announcement of ABC’s mid-season schedule today left plenty of fallout, and questions in its wake.

  • Pan Am and Man Up! were defacto canceled, although there will be no official announcement, and there rarely is. Pan Am will get one additional episode ordered in addition to the 13 originally ordered for this season, while Man Up! will slip into the ether after airing the 13 episodes originally ordered for this season. There’s at least one site out there that incredulously quoted ABC as noting that Pan Am was “technically being considered for a second season”. I wonder if that line was delivered with a straight face.
  • Cougar Town’s season episode order was reported to have been trimmed  from 22 episodes to 15, and reportedly won’t be on the ABC schedule until at least March. Although no official premiere date has been set.
  • No mention of Scandal or Apartment 23 (also entitled The B**** in Apartment 23), both of which were in ABC’s original 2011-12 season line up announcement. No news is unlikely to be good news in this case, but we will have to wait and see.
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