Our new comments system, powered by Disqus, provides commenters with quite a number of advantages:

  • The ability to edit your comments
  • The ability to sort comments, at your option, by Newest First or Oldest First
  • The ability to share your comments by Twitter & Facebook
  • The ability to subscribe to individual comment threads by email or by RSS. If you subscribe to a thread by email, you can reply to comments in that thread via email.
  • The ability to attach an image or a video to your comment simply by including its URL within your comment.

Logging In To Comment

To comment on our site, you’ll need to log in any one of several ways.

If you already have a Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo! account, you can log in using any one of those by clicking on the appropriate linked button for each above the comment box.

If you don’t want to use one of those or you want to take advantage of some of the additional benefits below, you can also create a Disqus account. All you need is a valid email address for verification.

Creating a Disqus account also enables a number of additional benefits:

You can sign up for Disqus on our site by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Underneath each post, there is a linked button for “Disqus”. (Note: If you’re already signed up and logged in, you won’t see this.) To create a Disqus account click the linked button that reads “Disqus.”


Step 2: After you click login, you’ll be prompted for your username and password. Instead, click the link below that says “Don’t have one? Register a new profile.”


Step 3: At the registration screen, enter an email address, username and password. Click the register button. As long as the username you’ve selected isn’t taken by another Disqus user, you’ll receive a verification email directly from Disqus. If you encounter any problems logging in after registration, clear your browser cache.


Note: In order to view all the comments you’ve made with your Disqus account anywhere on the web, customize your Disqus profile and add features like avatars, go to your profile at  Disqus.com and navigate the links on the left side or in the top nav bar.

What was that comment replying to?

When you reply to a comment using the “Reply” button, readers will be able to easily see the original comment you replied to.

If you see a blue hypertext link next to a commenters name with “in reply to XXX” as in the image below.

Clicking on that hypertext link will reveal the original comment, as in the picture below.

Some Troubleshooting Tips:

If You’re Having Problems Staying Logged Into Disqus:

If you’re having trouble staying logged into Disqus, it may be due to a setting in your browser that deals with cookies. Cookies allow Disqus to tell your web browser that you’ve successfully logged in; without access to cookies, Disqus cannot properly log you into the system.

Please make sure you are accepting cookies as well as accepting cookies from 3rd party sites.

On Firefox:

  1. Open up your Preferences (Mac OS X) or go to Tools > Options (PC/Windows).
  2. Under the Privacy tab, check Accept Third Party Cookies

On Safari:

  1. Open up your Preferences.
  2. Under the Security tab, check Always accept cookies

On Chrome:

  1. Open up your Preferences (Mac OS X), or find the Wrench icon > Options > Under the Hood > Cookie Settings (PC/Windows)
  2. Under Cookie Setting, make sure Allow All Cookies is selected.

How do I change my name as displayed on sites when I comment?

Once you have a Disqus account, you can change your display name by going to My Information. Here is more information.

How do I subscribe to comment via email or RSS?

Click the hypertext “subscribe” link below the comment box to subscribe to the comments for an individual post via email or RSS.

How do I unsubscribe from comment emails or RSS?

To unsubscribe from email or RSS notification you can click on the same link (which will now read unsubscribe) at the bottom of the comment box, or at the bottom of the emails sent to you (for email subscription only). If you had set your Disqus account to subscribe to all threads you comment on, you unsubscribe globally under Notification options.

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