Man did those four months fly by!  It seems like only yesterday that V went on hiatus, but it was November 24, 2009.

While I don’t think a long hiatus did a show like FlashForward any favors, I don’t buy into the jibber jabber that that the hiatus hurt its ratings.  Its ratings were hurt badly before it went on hiatus.

V is a different situation than FlashForward.  It hadn’t aired many episodes to begin with, only four total, and its hiatus was a bit longer.  Though it dropped off the first few weeks, the third and fourth episodes performed almost identically.   On November 17 V scored a 3.1 rating with adults 18-49 and 9.324 million viewers and on November 24 it averaged a 3.1 rating with adults 18-49 on 9.299 million viewers.

While FlashForward returned pretty much exactly as I expected,  I’m not really sure what to expect with the return of V. The last time it aired it had the season finale of the fall cycle of Dancing With the Stars as its lead-in with a 4.3 adults 18-49 rating and 19.29 million viewers.   And perhaps more importantly DWTS had a bigger 4.7 rating with adults 18-49 its last half hour.

That likely boosted V’s last outing by at least a little.

Correction:  Oops! Nevermind. I guess it has been off the air so long I forgot  V had itself as a lead-in, and was the lead-in for the DWTS finale, not the other way around.

Tomorrow night V will have Lost as its lead-in.  Lost has been averaging around a 4.0 rating with adults 18-49 the last couple of week.  Some would say Lost is  a very compatible lead-in for V.  Others will argue Lost is a compatible lead-in for nothing since the “Losties” minds are too blown to take in anything else immediately  after Lost.

Just so as not to be a coward, my prediction:  a 2.8 with adults 18-49 and 8.1 million viewers.

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