Just like the NBC TCA day, I’m following the chatter from the FOX TCA (Television Critics Association) meeting today so you don’t have to!

Along with typical PR blather, here are a couple things that somewhat qualify as news for existing shows (I don’t bother much with yet to be premiered shows):

  • Allen Gregory is officially canceled. “We will not be making any more” A rare public admission!
  • No real news on the fate of Terra Nova, House or Fringe (and those who were expecting such were kidding themselves). Lots of positive and negative “behind the scenes” and “sources say” chatter can be found about any of them. I’d ignore it.
  • Whatever happens with House, the producers will be given enough notice to “wrap things up”.
  • Reilly did admit that Fringe is losing them money. Begged fans to not begin the Save Our Show campaign now. Yeah, like that’s going to deter them.
  • There will be changes to The X Factor for season two. Is that really news? Excuse me for wasting your time with that.
  • In TV-ish news, the 24 movie is expected to begin filming in April or May.
  • There will be no Glee spin off.
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