Ah, another FX show that I love that at least on the surface appears a bit ratings challenged. But hey, at least this one was renewed for a second season.  I caught most of the Archer episodes near their original air dates and wound up catching up on the couple I’d missed on Netflix.

Archer returns tonight at 10pm ET/PT on FX.

Below is a table of 18-49 rating and viewing averages for season one of FX’s Archer.  It is only for the initial telecast of each episode from season one, and does not include encore telecasts during the week or any repeats.   It also is based only on same day DVR viewing rather than a full week’s worth of DVR viewing.

Archer Season 1 Ratings:

The table now also contains the initial sneak preview premiere from September ’09.

Date Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millons)
Archer Season One
17-Sep-09 FX Mole Hunt .5/2 0.91
14-Jan-10 FX Training Day 0.9/2 1.82
21-Jan-10 FX Diveristy Hire 0.7/2 1.23
28-Jan-10 FX Killing Utne 0.5/1 0.87
4-Feb-10 FX Honeypot 0.4/1 0.62
11-Feb-10 FX Skorpio 0.3/1 0.76
18-Feb-10 FX Skytanic 0.4/1 0.87
4-Mar-10 FX The Rock 0.4/1 0.72
11-Mar-10 FX Job Offer 0.6/1 1.08
18-Mar-10 FX Dial M for Mother 0.4/1 0.76
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