Mitch Hurwitz just announced at The New Yorker Fest that there are nine or ten new episodes planned for Arrested Development, which would lead up to the movie. This was confirmed on Twitter by Will Arnett. Edit: Jason Batemen gets into it as well on Twitter, with more details. 10 episodes, planning to shoot them this summer with a release in early 2013.

As a huge Arrested Development fan, I am super excited, but as a realist, I don’t know whether to get my hopes up. I mean, I’m still doubtful we will ever see the movie, but another season of the show almost seems possible. Maybe. According to TMZ, they do not have a deal in place for who would air the show (IFC, I’m looking at you), which adds further doubt to the equation.

So do you think there is any chance we will see anymore Arrested Development?

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