At some point in almost every marginally rated show’s season you can expect the stars or the producers to come out with hopeful press quotes about their show’s potential renewal (the poster child is Brooke Shields, who may still be hopeful of a Lipstick Jungle renewal).

Better With You’s Jennifer Finnigan weighs in with her take on BWY’s chances:

“I think we have good feelings about it,” […] “I’ve been in this for a long time so I’m cautiously optimistic, but I think we have as good a chance as any.”

And reveals that she’s a retentionista:

“We’re keeping a lot of our lead-in,” she said. “We’re basically keeping 90% retention from The Middle at this point, so there’s not much more the network can ask for, I think.”

via – Live Feed.

The Renew/Cancel Index has only been at this for four seasons, but its track record is almost certainly a lot better than any hopeful star’s, and it currently rates Better With You’s chances at a second season renewal as a “toss up”.

Better With You’s ratings are on the low end of what historically has been “the bubble” for renewal, and unless ABC increases it’s overall comedy hours in its schedule for Fall 2011, they’re likely to cancel their lowest rated comedy at a minimum (which is currently Better With You).

Another factor weighing against a second season of BWY is Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine (airing in the post Modern Family slot). It would have to stumble below BWY in the ratings to bolster BWY’s chances.

Now we’ll hear from the retentionistas who’ll demand that Cougar Town be cancelled so ABC can keep Better With You. Silly, retentionistas!

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