The options on the cast of Breaking In were extended until November 15, with Fox and Sony splitting the cost according to a story on Deadline.

I’ve gotten a few e-mails basically asking what this means and why it happened. What it means is that the cast are still under contract until November 15. The show has not been renewed, but this move gives Fox some extra time to change its mind.  As to why, I can only speculate. Some have suggested it’s a hedge in case Fox’s fall comedies bomb.  I doubt that because there are only two new comedies — New Girl, which will have the relatively cushy Glee lead-in, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter, which doesn’t even debut until November 23.

My guess is it’s more of a hedge in case Fox isn’t happy with the comedies it has to pick from to make up the planned mid-season two hour (four show) Tuesday comedy block.

Extending the option gives Fox a little bit of extra time to make a decision. While that’s not close to a guarantee that Breaking In will get another shot, it is at least a ray of hope.


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