After seeing a bump up last week to its first .5 rating with adults 18-49 in a month, this past Friday Caprica fell back to a .4 with adults 18-49, and it shed a few viewers too.

Personally, and sadly, I bailed on the show about 10 minutes into the episode on March 5th and didn’t bother finishing it or watching Friday’s new episode.  I really wanted to like the show, but so far it’s not grabbing me.

Strangely, I am still interested in Caprica’s ratings.  Again it tied with Starz Spartacus: Blood and Sand with adults 18-49, even though Syfy is in about 75 million more homes in the U.S. than Starz.

Caprica Season 1 ratings:

Date Episode 18-49 Rating Viewers (millions)
22-Jan-10 Pilot 0.4 1.602
29-Jan-10 Rebirth 0.5 1.411
5-Feb-10 Reins of a Waterfall 0.4 1.128
19-Feb-10 Gravedancing 0.4 0.976
26-Feb-10 There Is Another Sky 0.4 1.127
5-Mar-10 Know They Enemy 0.5 1.155
12-Mar-10 The Imperfections of Memory 0.4 1.071
19-Mar-10 Ghosts in the Machine
26-Mar-10 End of Line

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