Update: I should’ve clarified that this post was mostly in the hopes that two seconds after posting, CBS’s mid-season announcement would magically appear!  Sadly, no magic.  Like many of the commenters I do not think CBS will move either CSI: Miami or The Good Wife this season (but see you on Friday, The Defenders).

Some have speculated CBS might move The Good Wife to Fridays at mid-season, but if it moves at all, I think it’s far more likely it moves to Sundays and that CSI: Miami (and The Defenders) get shipped off to Friday nights instead.

CBS loves them some The Good Wife and I just can’t see them airing it on Fridays this season.   I’m not even as warm to the idea (yet) as Bill is that CBS would move it to Fridays next season.

With CSI: Miami waning, and as a fan of The Good Wife it wouldn’t bother me at all to see it move to Sundays at 10pm in mid-season once NFL football won’t screw with start times.    Plus, let’s face it, Sundays at 10pm is a good hour for critically acclaimed but low-rated shows in quest of Emmy Awards.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Good Wife stay put on Tuesdays at 10pm, I’d kind of like to see CBS  try it at 10pm.  There won’t be any scripted competition from NBC (starting in early March, NBC will air Celebrity Apprentice from 9p-11p on Sundays).

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