At this point nothing Charlie Sheen could say or do should surprise me, and yet I still managed to be surprised!  TMZ has the scoop, and the audio.  Calling Thomas Jefferson a p—y and saying Chuck Lorre’s real name is “Hymie”… I imagine there is some consternation at CBS and Warner Bros this afternoon.

A month ago I’d have bet there was no chance things could derail so badly that Two and a Half Men might end.  I still doubt that will happen, but after listening to today’s rant, I’d definitely put the chances at better than 0%.

Update: TMZ reached Sheen for comment in the Bahamas.

Update 2 5:26p PT:  The answer to the question in the original headline of “Charlie Sheen’s Latest Rant; Could He Take Down ‘Two and a Half Men’ Yet?” is at least “sort of.”

CBS and Warner Bros announced that production has been shut down for the rest of the season (there were 4 episodes remaining to produce, already down from 8 due to Sheen).

In a joint statement CBS and Warner Bros said: Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of “Two and a Half Men” for the remainder of the season.

Update 3:  TMZ publishes Sheen statement on production shutdown.

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