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Christian Slater returns to television tonight at 9:30p on Fox in the mid-season replacement comedy Breaking In.  This will be Slater’s third go at TV since we started TV by the Numbers.  The first two, My Own Worst Enemy (2008) and The Forgotten (2009) didn’t work out so well.  Will the third time be the charm?  In Mr. Slater’s (and Breaking In’s) favor is it’s scheduled to have 90 minute installments of American Idol as its lead-in throughout its 7 episode run.

It’ll be interesting to see how it does. One thing is for sure: it’ll do better than Traffic Light.  That pretty much ensures that a (the?) few fans of Traffic Light will rage against the cushy time slot for Breaking In.

Not Much Sunshine When Cougar Town is Gone?

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine may make it to the renewal church on time, but it won’t be on account of any Modern (Family) love when it comes to scheduling. Or for that matter, the ratings.  Mr. Sunshine looks to ends its 9 episode run tonight with a ratings whimper rather than a bang.

Once again it will lack the cover of an original episode of Modern Family as its lead-in.  But at least a small ray of sunshine in its favor this week: it will be going up against the premiere of Breaking In rather than the last 30 minutes of American Idol.

I’ve kept Mr. Sunshine on the bubble as far as renewal and not because of ratings, but because ABC has been clear that it would like to add another comedy block.  It’s hard to make anything from the ratings though given how many of the recent episodes went up against American Idol without the cover of a new Modern Family as a lead-in.  It performed similarly to Cougar Town when it did have an original Modern Family for a lead-in.


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