As I noted last week, Daylight Saving Time is going to take a bite out of the early primetime audiences this week.

Of course Sunday night is the first primetime hit by DST, but compared to early Monday night scripted shows, only Bob’s Burgers is in any danger of cancellation.

So, today’s poll question is which Monday night scripted show in the first two hours of primetime will get burned the worst by the shift to Daylight Saving Time?

For example, last season Chuck went from a 2.3 the week prior to DST to a 1.9 the week after DST and stayed at or below a 2.1 through mid-May. House went from a 4.8 the week prior to DST to a 4.0 the week after and stayed at or below a 4.2 rating through mid-May.

Let’s put the question in terms of % decline to adults 18-49 ratings vs. their last new episode.

For reference, here were the last new episode ratings for the 8pm and 9pm hour Monday shows:

  • Chuck: 1.7 adults 18-49 rating
  • Mad Love: 2.4
  • House: 3.8
  • The Chicago Code: 2.0
  • The Event: 1.4

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