In what seems to be a record early November start (at least in my brief years observing them), all sorts of useless “Save Our Show” efforts are underway by Community fans.

Meaningless online petitions? Check!

Useless Twitter campaigns? Check!

Futile Facebook pages? Check!

Sending various flotsam to NBC? Scattered reports, but nothing that seems to me to have critical mass at this point, ala peanuts.

As always, spinning their wheels on efforts like this may make fans feel involved and empowered, but they are completely useless in influencing any network decision making.

Luckily for Community fans, the economics of sitcom syndication, which are quite meaningful, are on their side.

I’ve recounted the tale of Sony’s ‘Til Death many times. It had a fourth season produced (bringing it to 81 episodes) even though it had absolutely woeful ratings in its 3rd season (and was pulled after only a handful of episodes aired). Almost certainly because Sony effectively gave it away to Fox.

I don’t have any reason to believe that Sony won’t do the same for Community to get it another season to bulk up the number of episodes for syndication (the typical minimum number du jour is 88). Universal Media Studios (a division of NBCU) is the co-producer of the show, which perhaps makes it even more likely that a fourth season will happen for syndication purposes.

One thing I’m certain of though, is if the show gets a fourth season, the nonsense SoS efforts will mistakenly be attributed by many fans as the cause, insuring more goofy SoS campaigns to come.

Viva, la goofy!

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