body of proof

Deadline reports that ABC is considering resurrecting legal procedural Body of Proof. The story notes that a resurrection would be difficult since the cast and crew have moved on.

Bill later added: Impossible to judge the credibility/likelihood of this happening, little PR birds have a willing ear to whisper into in Nellie Andreeva, but sometimes they speak the truth.

However, the idea Body Of Proof’s return somehow has to do with the fate of new fall series Betrayal and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is completely ridiculous. First of all, both of those shows are completely dead. There is nothing contingent about their fates. (although if ABC’s considering switching an hour of sitcom time to dramas next season that would make sense) Second of all, any resurrection of Body Of Proof would be for the 2014-15 season at the earliest, so it would seem more contingent on the perceived quality of this spring’s pilots.

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