ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC all carried President Obama’s remarks from the memorial service in Tucson which ran longer than anticipated and didn’t end until ~9:18p ET.

NBC joined ‘Minute to Win It’ in progress after the speech.  Fox, preempted both the 8pm and 9pm ‘Human Target’, at 8p with a ‘Raising Hope’ repeat and a repeat ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ at 9p which it joined in progress after Obama finished.  Fox’s scheduling head tweeted that the preempted ‘Human Target’ could air as early as Friday.

ABC started ‘Modern Family’ from the beginning at ~9:20p, and it looks like they will just stretch it out and preempt ‘Cougar Town,’ allowing ‘Off The Map’ to premiere on schedule at 10pm, potentially giving it a much better lead-in depending on how much the delay hurt Modern Family.  Update: Cougar Town’s Facebook page confirms the preemption.

CBS had already schedule repeat comedies from 8p-9p (which it interrupted in the 8pm hour) and moved ‘Live to Dance’ to 9pm and they picked it up from the beginning around 9:20p.  A new ‘The Defenders’ began around 10:20p ET.

The fast affiliate preliminary ratings for Wednesday night will be a jumbled mess that won’t get sorted out until the final numbers come out, though the numbers for Law & Order: SVU and the premiere of Off The Map shouldn’t change much in the finals since they aired in full at the scheduled time in all time zones.

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