Update 6/20: 12:50PDT: (some) of the ratings for last night’s season finale are in. In terms of total viewers, it was up around half a million viewers from last week’s penultimate episode of the season.

Disclaimer: I have not yet watched The Killing finale, and frankly at this point all the brouhaha from critics over the finale actually has me more likely to wind up catching up on what’s on the DVR than I otherwise would’ve been.

In some ways Mo Ryan and I are kindred spirits. We both have a weakness for Chuck, Fringe and Supernatural and there’s the whole thing where Mo loved Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I did too) and Stargate: SG1. I know, with no doubt that when Mo first watched the pilot of Falling Skies she must have thought, “Wait! What? Major Paul Davis!? Really!? Wow!”  Ok, perhaps I am projecting a bit.  The point is, I like a lot of the same shows Mo likes.

But I’m pretty sure that I don’t get nearly as vested in TV shows as Mo.  Mo writes that the season finale of The Killing was a.) the worst finale ever and b.) damaged AMC’s relationship with its viewers.

As disclaimed above, I haven’t actually seen the finale yet, so I can’t weigh in. I trust that Mo really believes that it stunk to high heaven. But I don’t need to see the finale to know that AMC’s relationship with its viewers couldn’t have been very badly harmed.  I simply cannot believe that fans of Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead will care.  I’ll be surprised if even a single person thinks “I really love The Walking Dead, but after that finale of The Killing I just don’t trust AMC anymore and won’t watch anything on the network.”

Can one (apparently horribly) bad season finale of one season of a single show tarnish a network? I respectfully disagree with Mo and say that it can’t. I suppose the real question isn’t so much whether fans of Breaking Bad or any existing show on AMC won’t watch due to The Killing  — that seems pretty silly to me – but what about brand new series?

For those who watched the finale: has your trust with AMC been breached to the point where you won’t want to give a new show on the network a chance?

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