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For those clamoring for Hung and Entourage results, here you go.  Entourage is definitely up over last year, and I think it’s attributable in no small part to how well True Blood is doing.   All three shows have been renewed, so there’s no worry there.

One important note when you click the link below — HBO has everybody talking about cumulative reach across multiple broadcast, DVR viewing and on-demand and by those metrics True Blood is reaching 11.6 million,  Hung over 9 million and Entourage over 8 million.   I don’t blame HBO for doing that at all, but I try to stay away from that because it makes for comparisons that aren’t easy to do since reporting for cumulative viewing is not commonplace — we don’t do it with The Closer, Burn Notice, or The T.O. Show on VH1!   For advertising supported cable networks, how the first airing of original episodes fare is far more telling of a show’s performance than the cumulative numbers.

HBO isn’t advertiser supported, so all that matters are its paying customers are happy. But I’m going to keep with the focus on first airings of original episodes…

The rest of HBO’s Sunday-night lineup also played well with Hung averaging 3.3 million at 10 p.m., followed by 3.2 million for Entourage on Aug. 23.

source: MultiChannel News

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