Continuing the night-by-night look, we move to Sunday.  Sundays in the fall won’t look radically different save perhaps for ABC.  Desperate Housewives is the veteran show meat sandwiched in between the new bread of Once Upon a Time and Pan Am.  Scripted content at 8pm on Sundays is new for ABC and at 10pm some of our commenters are already predicting doom for Pan Am. Period piece not withstanding, I’m confident Pan Am will rate better than AMC’s  Mad Men.  But I don’t see it rating as well as AMC’s The Walking Dead which returns mid-fall as 10pm competition.

Assuming there is an NFL season (and I am still assuming there will be an NFL season) at least early on I expect most focus/interest to be on how The Good Wife does Sundays at 9p or 9:18p, or 9:32p, etc. depending on whether CBS has the late national NFL game and how much overrun there is.

Having nothing to do with the ratings per se, unless they’re very good, I won’t be surprised if The Good Wife moves somewhere else mid-season after the NFL competition on NBC wraps up.

Mostly status quo for Fox’s Animation Domination:  The Cleveland Show and American Dad trade places with and newcomer Allen Gregory gets Bob’s Burgers timeslot in the fall.

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