Updated: in the initial version of this post I incorrectly had Who Do You Think You Are? and School Pride both in the 8pm hour as 30 minute shows.   They are both hour long shows and only School Pride is on the fall schedule.  I apologize for any confusion.

For the next several weeks I’ll be doing posts covering every hour of the fall broadscast primetime schedule.   Next Friday will be 9pm-10pm, etc.  There’s plenty of time between now and the season to talk about every hour so if you really want to talk about  Body of Proof or Blue Bloods, you’ll get that chance in a week or two.

Today it’s all about Human Target, Medium, School Pride, Secret Millionaire, and Smallville.

Friday Nights 8pm-9pm:

FRIDAY 8:00p 8:30p
Secret Millionaire New
Human Target
School Pride New

If nothing else, the broadcast nets have done a good job of keeping things interesting for ratings junkies.   I don’t think anyone expects Human Target to hit it out of the park on Friday nights at 8pm, but it’s not clear that it can’t be competitive in the hour or perhaps even win it.  It won’t win if it performs in the “Dollhouse Zone” (say a 0.8 to a 1.2).

Medium moves from 9pm to 8pm.  Medium wasn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut last year on Fridays, but nobody expects a Friday show to be.  Medium‘s finale pulled a 1.6 rating with adults 18-49 — the same as the now canceled Ghost Whisperer pulled at 8pm.

Smallville enters its final season.  With the end of the series already announced, fans won’t have to hand wring over the ratings, though the die hard fans will be looking to win the “CW Cup”  as Friday Night ratings champion over Supernatural.

Then there are the unscripted offerings. Yes, I know, Secret Millionaire isn’t really new.  FOX gave it a test drive as December filler in 2008.   By the standards of the day, it performed decently enough for December filler, premiering with a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating and finishing with a 2.1.  But it aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays, not on Fridays.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to School Pride.

Who’ll win? I’m not really sure what to expect for the first few weeks, but after things settle down, my guess is that even a slightly weaker Medium than last year will take the hour.

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