First, in a multitude of ways, thank you Fringe, and Fringe fans! We know some of you only found our site because of Fringe ratings and are sure some of you will forget about us until the fall. But, we hope some of you are also fans of Burn Notice and White Collar and maybe Falling Skies (we figure crossover with Fringe and The Bachelorette is pretty small) and will stop by over the summer to check out the ratings.

Fringe has its season finale tonight, but with it (famously) renewed for a 22 episode season four already, rather than have a poll about its finale ratings, I’m soliciting ideas for next years polls. In addition to “guess the ratings” polls which we’ll of course have, I’m thinking about poll topics like “how many of the 22 episodes will actually air” and “Will Fox pull Fringe for the November sweep?”

Not that I’d ascribe much meaning to the sweeps period scheduling.  With the finale tonight, Fox has two Fringe-less May sweeps Friday nights.  Fox will air repeats of Kitchen Nightmares in the timeslot on May 13 and May 20.

Enjoy your summer Fringe fans (after checking out the ratings for tomorrow, of course!).


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