Everyone who had Fox’s Lone Star as the first show to be canceled this season in their Fantasy TV schedule league has got to be feeling pretty good right now. A 1.3 adults 18-49 rating for its premiere certainly indicates that we won’t be seeing it next season. How much more of this season we’ll be seeing it is open to debate.

For those wishing to practically blackout an entire Fan Excuse Bingo card on Lone Star need look no further than Company Town in the LA Times, which covers up all these bingo card squares for the show ratings in a single article:

  • But critics loved it!
  • The competition was too tough!
  • It has great producers / directors!
  • The network should have done things differently!
  • It doesn’t fit with the other shows on the network!*
  • The ratings might improve!
  • Wait until the Live+7 DVR ratings are in!*
  • Networks used to give shows time, now they cancel things so quickly!*


*Edit: My first bingo card of the season got a bit of the better of me. These bingo card excuses were simply mentioned in the article, not used by the author to excuse/explain the shows ratings.

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