Fox has canceled (won’t renew for next season) comedy Breaking In which is not a huge surprise, but certainly much more of a surprise than the cancellation of Human TargetIn today’s  Fox “oddsmakers” post, Bill had Breaking In slightly more likely to be renewed than canceled, and I had it slightly more likely to be canceled than renewed. The Christian Slater jinx lives on.

Neither one of us had any real hope for Human Target. I gave it a one in ten chance, and Bill gave it a one in four chance.

Fox has also made several new series pickups tonight, including JJ Abrams Alcatraz and Bones spinoff The Finder, as well as The New Girl, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

Update: Fox has also canceled The Chicago Code.

Update 2: Fox has also canceled Traffic Light.

Update 3: Fox has also canceled Lie To Me.

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