Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly always keeps things interesting!  At this morning’s TCA executive seassion for Fox, Reilly paid tribute to fans (some might say lip service) by calling Fringe one of Fox’s big wins last year.  So I guess that means Fringe is right up there with American Idol, Glee, NFL, and Family Guy as far as Reilly is concerned.  Actually I don’t guess that, but still.

Reilly said he didn’t expect Fringe to grow its audience due to the complexity of its story lines. Some Twitter-snarked about that not being much of a show of support, but I’d say it’s realistic. Reilly did add ” If it could do what it did last year, we’d be happy with it.” If the over/under for how many times we’ll see that line parroted back in the comments next season is 5,000, I’m taking the over!

What exactly does Reilly mean by “how it did last year?” The Friday average? How it was doing at the end of the season? Remember, Reilly said similar things about Dollhouse which had trended down in its first season and then yanked it off the air during Novemeber sweeps. There’s not really a similar worry with Fringe, given what we believe was probably a sweetheart deal from Warner Bros for a full season, Fringe is sure to air all its episodes.  And I actually believe Fox and Reilly will be “happy” if it does what it did last year.  But happy with low-ratings given the likely very sweet deal for Fox doesn’t mean the same things as “happy enough to renew it for a fifth season.”

It’s going to be a fun season.

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