There weren’t really any surprises (to me) in Fox’s mid-season schedule.  Fox is squeezing in a few extra hours of American Idol by premiering it earlier than previously announced (previously it had been scheduled to premiere following the NFC Championship game).

Allen Gregory is nowhere to be found on the schedule and that’s hardly a surprise to anyone following its ratings. Though I Hate My Teenage Daughter is not on the schedule either, it’s still way too soon (like it or not) to call it de facto canceled for now Fox says it will return in the spring following American Idol episodes.

It was never. ever. in. doubt. that Touch would air Mondays at 9pm because if it’s a show with Kiefer Sutherland and it’s on FOX that’s where it was going to air. Period. For months commenters yammeried that couldn’t happen if they wanted to air Alcatraz and I’d yammer back that they’d wind up splitting the time slot and that it could be easily accomplished by going with some two hour blocks of episodes rather than airing House repeats and let’s face it, House doesn’t repeat as well as it used to.  Fox already has two nights of two-hour blocks of Alcatraz scheduled.

By a quick scan of the calendar, Fox will need to do that two additional nights for Alcatraz assuming it has 13 episodes, which isn’t clear  (‘Touch’ definitely has 13 episodes). But unless the ratings for either/both shows stink, they’ll each get all their episodes aired.

As planned, Fox is running four sitcoms on Tuesdays while Glee is on hiatus and Breaking In fans are already cranky that one of those half hours, and Breaking In’s lead-in is a repeat of New Girl.

Also as planned, The Finder & Bones will share the Thursday post-Idol 9pm slot.

And of course Fringe is still on the schedule and as bad as its ratings are, they’re not so bad (at least so far) that Fox isn’t planning to air all 22 episodes.

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