Yesterday and today, I’ve been recapping this season’s predictions in my Renew / Cancel Index in separate posts for each network. Wednesday, I’ll have a post showing how the methods I’m going to use next season would have worked (and improved predictions) this season.

While Robert and I made our final predictions for the Fox shows two weeks ago, everybody in the TV media does that. With the Renew / Cancel Index, I make predictions after a single episode airs!

  • Dollhouse, Brothers, ‘Til Death, Sons of Tucson: Predicted canceled after first episode.
  • Fringe: Predicted in danger after first episode, Fox renewed (3/6/10)
  • Lie To Me: Predicted renewed initially, predicted in danger (1/5/10), Fox renewed
  • Human Target: Predicted renewed initially, predicted in danger (2/23/10), predicted canceled (4/20/10), back to in danger (4/27/10), Fox renewed
  • Past Life: Removed from Fox schedule before prediction.
  • Bones, Glee, American Dad, Cleveland Show, Simpsons, Family Guy, House: Already renewed/predicted renewed all season.

Fox ended up renewing all three of its borderline shows (Fringe, Lie To Me, Human Target) this season.

The big question for me about their fall 2010 schedule and its impact on current shows was always what they’d do with the 3 hours dedicated to So You Think You Can Dance last fall, and going to X-Factor in fall 2011. Fox ended up putting one new one hour unscripted show in their line up, but saved the other two hours for scripted shows, likely saving two of those borderline three from cancellation. Next spring, it’ll likely be the other way around.

Of course in hindsight it all seems so obvious, but you may wish to amuse yourself with all the fan excuses/complaints/wails in all the original posts.

While I hyperlinked lots of the dates in the ABC post, it got to be too much of a pain to continue with all of them. You can find all the posts at the link below.

You can see all the Fox Renew / Cancel Index posts from this season here if you’d like to do your own recap.

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