Update: It’s OFF again!  Variety reports that Fox has yet again pulled the Running Wilde epiodes from the schedule *except on December 26, where the ‘Jack’s Back’ episode is scheduled to air at 9:30p.  Variety has the “book sheet” graphic (which winds up being pretty funny) showcasing  the on again off again relationship Fox seems to be having with these episodes.

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After pulling the scheduled episodes of Running Wilde earlier in the week, Fox has changed its mind (again) and according to The Futon Critic, Fox will burn off the remaining episodes over the next two weeks as follows:

Sunday, December 19 at 7p ET/PT (‘Jack’s Back’)
Sunday, December 19 at 7:30p ET/PT (‘One Step Forward’)
Sunday, December 26 at 9:30p ET/PT (‘Alienated’)
Tuesday, December  28 at 9p ET/PT (‘Pre Nup’)
Tuesday, December 28 at 9:30p ET/PT (‘Basket Cases’)

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