While this week was still somewhat a mish-mash of repeats and burn off on some networks, next week is the real start to the mid-season with all of the big four networks featuring all new content Sunday-Friday.   For us, even though the CW will still be in repeats, it will be the most interesting week in a while for lots of reasons, including:

  • American Idol returns with new judges and a new schedule (Wednesday, Thursday).  All eyes will be on it to see how the ratings fair in the post-Simon world.  If they fall more than the typical 10%, Fox can put it on the schedule change.
  • Chuck returns on Monday.  Our web site traffic returns Tuesday morning.
  • In addition to Idol, Thursday features  NBC’s reshuffled comedy deck, including the return of Parks & Recreation and a 10pm comedy hour featuring 30 Rock and Outsourced.
  • Fringe makes its Friday debut next Friday, January 21 and we’ll have higher-than-normal web traffic Saturday morning.
  • Plus: White Collar and Royal Pains return on USA along with the premiere of Fairly Legal.

Look for posts on those topics and more coming your way soon.

Bill has primary posting responsibility next week, so he gets all the fun stuff, but I’m not complaining! I’ll be sleeping in after late-night binges of Dr. Who on Netflix (thus the picture in this post).  But there’ll be plenty enough for me to weigh in on once I’ve crawled out of bed.

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