We’re looking for people to help us out with TV by the Numbers who can do the regularly-scheduled daily ratings posts, aggregate press releases and update the site with any important scheduling, renewal or cancellation news.

Successful candidates will:

–          be proficient with WordPress and have managed a WordPress-powered website, with the higher the demonstrated site traffic and posting volume, the better
–          be proficient  with Microsoft Excel
–          be available to work every other week full time
–          be able to focus reliably and regularly on posting duties from ~11am ET -~7pm ET when working
–          already have a computer and high speed internet connection
–          love numbers and not be intimidated by lots of them!
–          be comfortable with Internet information gathering  (e-mail, Twitter, RSS, etc.)
–          be at ease in a time-sensitive pressure environment where speed matters (readers are actually waiting, some literally with bated breath, to see how their favorite shows did!)
–          enjoy trying to increase blog traffic and be comfortable with stats reporting tools like Google Analytics
–          must live in the United States
While we’re looking for part time help, we’re planning on scheduling in such a way where you will work one week (very light duty on the weekend) and have the next week off completely. Weeks where you’re scheduled will be full time, i.e., we’re not looking for people to help us out a couple of hours a day here and there. If you’re someone who regularly needs a very flexible schedule while working, this opportunity is not for you. During scheduled weekdays, you’ll need to be at your computer effectively continuously from 11am – 7pm ET.

If interested, please send an e-mail with resume/qualifications to jobs (at) tvbythenumbers.com.


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