By now most have you have digested the latest “what if” scenario for The Event. Unsurprisingly, NBC canceled The Event after its ratings plummeted.  Equally unsurprisingly the show’s producers vowed to seek out a new home for the show.  There was the “will Netflix save The Event” nonsense and the latest rumor is that a miniseries on Syfy is being discussed and if the miniseries fared well, perhaps another season.

Someone e-mailed suggesting that “of course Syfy would want this show, it would be its highest rated scripted series!”  I’m not so sure, but let’s get to that in a second. While the Syfy scenario seems vastly more plausible than a Netflix resurrection,  fans of The Event shouldn’t hold their breath.  The Event could make sense on Syfy, but  the problem is the economics.

There is no doubt that at some price, it would make sense for Syfy to do it.  Where doubt creeps in is whether that price makes sense for the people producing The Event. Whatever the price is that make sense for Syfy it’s probably  a lot less than what The Event had to work with at NBC and for fewer episodes per season. What makes sense for Syfy, probably won’t make sense for the producers of The Event.

I’m not as certain as the guy that e-mailed me that The Event would be Syfy’s highest-rated show, but The Event did finish on a high note with a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating (that was up over 20% from the penultimate episode) to go along with 4.9 million viewers. But without a lot of marketing — something I definitely wouldn’t expect on Syfy, I’d look for the ratings to drop by at least 50%.  While that would be better than the putrid ratings for the canceled SGU & Caprica, summer fare like Warehouse 13 ranged from a 0.7 to a 1.0 rating last summer.

I’d love to see Syfy try the miniseries approach.  Regardless of how many watched, there would be interest in the ratings.

Update: commenter Bryan asks why Syfy would consider saving The Event instead of V. While I don’t think either will be saved, commenter Jack correctly notes that “The Event” was produced by NBCUniversal, and that like NBC, Syfy falls under the NBCUniversal umbrella. V was produced by Warner Bros.

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