Lots of comments in our overnight ratings post today about the potential for ABC’s V to be picked up by another network were ABC to cancel it. (as I predict is likely)

If ‘V’ Is Cancelled, Might Another Network Pick It Up?

Highly unlikely. It is very rare for a network to pick up a low rated show cancelled by another network.

What about Medium? NBC cancelled it, and CBS picked it up.

CBS produced Medium, and already had a syndication deal with Lifetime for the show. Therefore CBS’s risk to assume production and air it for another season was greatly reduced. Another example is ABC picking up Scrubs (which it produced).

Almost all other instances of a show moving from one network to another include a similar dynamic where the producing studio’s corporate sibling network picked up the show to extend its life for syndication purposes.

What about the CW? Warner Brothers produces V and owns half of the CW.

V doesn’t fit with the CW’s publicly expressed target demo (women 18-34). Even if you think that might change with the departure of CW chief Dawn Ostroff, V is certainly significantly more expensive than anything being aired on the CW today, and it’s unlikely they’re going to decide to ramp up their production budget (they abandoned Sunday several years ago for that reason).

What about one of Time Warner’s cable networks? They’re corporate siblings with Warner Brothers too.

Unlikely that V gets the SouthLAnd treatment. Since NBC had already paid for a number of shows in what was to be SouthLAnd’s second season, TNT likely caught a nice financial deal allowing them to air those episodes at a relatively low cost. Then the show had to have its budget substantially reduced for its next season.

What about Syfy?

Syfy has publicly stated they are no longer in the business of picking up the failed shows from other networks.

What about DirecTV? They saved Friday Night Lights and Damages.

DirecTV has publicly stated that after the Damages save, they are now out of the show saving business.

That’s not going to stop me, I’m heading over to SaveV.com right now!

Everybody needs a hobby.

Update: This isn’t about another networks, but it’s come up in the comments below:

What about ABC making V a summer series? Like Rookie Blue.

The scripted Canadian imports like Rookie Blue that ABC will sprinkle into its summer schedule reportedly cost a tiny fraction ($350k/episode) what the typical license fee for a broadcast scripted “in season” drama costs ($3 million/episode). No chance that even a retooled V could compete with that pricing.

Update 2: After reading the comments, it seems like many fans are experiencing some of the TV Fan Stages Of Grief.

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