I haven’t seen the ratings for Thursday night’s Bones episode that was the backdoor pilot for spinoff “The Finder,” but I speculate the ratings for the episode probably won’t be a big factor in whatever Fox decides. 

If the ratings are down — particularly if American Idol’s ratings are down too — it’ll likely just be lumped into the pile of almost everything else on broadcast that was down this week.  Better weather, Spring Break, Passover,  NBA, Good Friday eve? It’s pick ’em as far as excuses, but with many things down for the week, unless Bones is down drastically, it’ll get blamed on the week.

On the other hand, if it’s even versus last week, or even up, it’ll be hard to discern any meaning  since both ABC and CBS were in repeats.

Either way, keep in mind that in recent weeks Bones has typically been adjusted down a tenth or two in the final numbers due to a tiny bit of Idol overrun.  Last week for example, Bones scored a 3.7 preliminary adults 18-49 rating, but was adjusted down to a 3.5 in the finals once the overrun was removed.

Not that it has any bearing on the ratings of “The Finder’s” pick-up prospects, I enjoyed the backdoor pilot and hope Fox at least considers it as a mid-season replacement with 13 episodes.


Based on the fast nationals, on a night when practically everything was down, Bones was down 9% with adults 18-49 and Idol was down 13%.

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