Great news for Fringe fans: Fox has renewed Fringe for a fourth season with a full season order of 22 episodes. You will not have to gut out the white knuckle ride until May!

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The announcement comes on the heels of season low ratings last Friday when Fringe was up against the NCAA basketball tournament.

Fox says Fringe is now the #1 show on Friday nights in all of broadcast & cable, and I didn’t ask for specifics because I’m sure it’s true with DVR, especially since Fringe hasn’t aired any repeats since moving to Friday.  In the “most current” ratings which includes Live+7 where available,  Fringe is averaging a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating on Fridays.  While this will likely spur some discussion about whether Live+7 matters or its just Jedi Mind Tricks, one thing is for sure: either way Fringe has been renewed for a fourth season of 22 episodes.

Fox also notes that compared to the same period last year, Fox is up 38% on Fridays since Fringe moved to Friday nights. Though the same period last year also included some of the winter Olympics on NBC, so the landscape was a bit different.

Particularly with a full season renewal, it begs some questions like:

  • What must Fox think of its pilots?
  • Are Fringe & Bones headed to Fridays?
  • Will The X-Factor be 3 hours a week?
  • What does this mean for The Chicago Code?

I’m sure we will get to those topics in the coming days and weeks. For now fans can celebrate, relax, and mock that we thought Fringe was likely (though not certain) to be canceled. As a fan, I’m more than happy to dine on a small-sized crow.


Update: Fox confirms the renewal and bonus, it is a FULL season 22 episode pick-up.

Fringe producer Joel Wyman tweeted “Fringe was picked up!!!!

After sinking to a season low (against the NCAA b-ball tournament) 1.3 adults 18-49 rating on Friday, that’s great news for fans to hear the show has been picked up for a fourth season.

When I spoke to Fox on Wednesday about the Friday ratings, I got the feeling that they were happy with Fringe and their Friday improvement, but because negotiations were going on, I couldn’t really get them to say anything.

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